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Acupressure has been used for many centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for restoring a balanced flow of energy through the body to induce a process of natural healing. It is used in the west as a touch massage therapy for the relief of headache, back pain, anxiety and tension, nausea and other ailments.

Acupressure treatment uses the same reference points on the body as acupuncture, however it differs in that physical pressure is applied in order to stimulate these points rather than the use of needles.

Acupressure is applied either with the hands, elbow or with the help of various traditional and modern devices on different points of the body's surface. Acupressure points are held firmly but gently.

It is common to incorporate other bodywork with acupressure, so please check with your practitioner. Please note that “acupressure” is often used to describe reflexology and some (but not all) forms of Shiatsu.


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Acupressure has shown to be very effective in helping to alleviate and improve the following conditions:

You should find that acupressure helps you to relax and reduce your stress levels and it may also provide relief for chronic ailments and to improve your overall health and well-being.

You should experience relief from pain and tension, and this relief can last from a few hours to several days. The benefits may be even longer lasting depending on the cause and the initial conditions of your ailment.

A controlled study has shown that acupressure can be more effective than standard physical therapies in reducing lower back pain (source: British Medical Journal - February 2006). Several other studies have been carried out that demonstrate the effectiveness of acupressure for certain ailments.

Acupressure therapy may also help you to understand your own body better, since many of the points on your body that are used in this therapy cannot be self-administered because of their locations.


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What to expect in a Acupressure session

You will need to discuss your particular health concerns with your practitioner in order to plan a course of acupressure.

A massage table is normally used for acupressure treatments. Please wear thin loose-fitting clothing so that the pressure points can be easily located and the application of pressure is not impeded.

The duration and the number of acupressure sessions required for effective treatment will according to the needs of the individual.

Sessions will normally range from thirty to sixty minutes. Please also allow some free time for yourself afterward.

Spreading acupressure treatment across several sessions enables you to assess how you are progressing. Regular treatment will benefit both those with specific problems and those seeking general relaxation.

This web site by Mark Moran shows how to self-administer acupressure (plus plenty of other information about acupressure).


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Styles of Acupressure

It is not usual to see acupressure used in the context of a single modality - it is normally used either in conjunction with other modalities. Acupressure is also defined as a particular form of Shiatsu, and there is more information under the Shiatsu link on this web site.

Acupressure is used as a component within the following modalities; Five Element Acupressure, Jin Shin Acutouch, Jin Shin Do, Jin Shin Jyutsu, High Touch Jin Shin and others. 'Jin Shin' is a Japanese term that roughly translates as; JIN - Man of knowing and compassion, Shin - Creator. Jin Shin acupressure encompasses Mind and Body techniques that enhance the physical acupressure process. Please see the section below on Organizations and Training for more information.

While the 'Jin Shin' organizations have their own specific and distinct rules regarding their own trade-marked methods, it appears that the same may not be true for Five Element Acupressure since it is not trade-marked and therefore any individual or organization can define it in any way that they choose. One example of a description of a 5 Element Acupressure course..... "The Five Elements Acupressure Program is a blend of Worsley Five Element theory, Jin Shin Do system of acupressure, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hakomi theory, Emotional Freedom Technique and more, where the acupressure points are accessed from a physical, emotional and spiritual approach."


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Licensing and Regulation

Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice and therefore is not licensed at a federal level, furthermore different states and provinces have a variety of regulations regarding the use of TCM.

There are a number of independent bodies that have been established in order to provide standards and minimum training requirements in order for people to be registered to administer acupressure.

Many of these organizations require the individual to be a registered massage therapist prior to training in acupressure techniques.

It is important that anyone seeking acupressure treatment is aware of the source of certification and the experience of the particular acupressure therapist.


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Acupressure Organizations and Training etc.

The home site of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

The home site of Jin Shin Do.

American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA®) is a non-profit, professional membership organization representing instructors, practitioners, schools and programs, and students of Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT).

Certification Program in Asian Bodywork Therapy. Acupressure Therapy Institute


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Information about 5 Element Acupressure. It should be noted that the person being given acupressure treatment as photographed on this web site is unlikely to gain any long term benefit from the therapy. Five Element Acupressure Course

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4holistichealth Web Sites

Sharon Johnson provides an acupressure therapy service and meditation (Primordial Sound Meditation) at her bodywork studio in North Vancouver. Sharon has extensive experience in the areas of fitness, nutrition, physiology, kinesiology and neurophysiology.
Acupressure North Vancouver

'Energy Flow Therapy' with Sandra Sinclair provides Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure services in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Downtown Vancouver. Sandra also offers sessions and workshops in reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head Massage. Sandra provides Reiki training to Reiki Master and Teacher level. Jin Shin Do Downtown Vancouver

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'Spirit Gate' with Susan Clark is based near to Victoria. BC. Spirit Gate offers a range of therapies including Acupressure & Acutonics, Jin Shin Do, Craniosacral therapy and Bach Flower essence consultations.
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Worldwide Map of Acupressure Meetup Groups

Use the map or the search bar immediately below the map to identify a acupressure meetup group. Click the left button on your mouse and hold down and drag the map so that the area of interest is positioned near the center. Use the + symbol to zoom in and the - symbol to zoom out. Click on a balloon to find details of the meetup group.

There are only a few acupressure massage groups listed. You can also go to Meetup Group Search and search for Shiatsu etc.